The Role Of Directory Submission in SEO and Link Building

Submitting your website to a web directory can be quite a complicated process. It is also a process that takes a very long time. This is because a person, rather than a robot evaluates each website. Given the fact that a tremendous number of websites are submitted, they can afford to be nitpick. The best way to increase your web site’s chance of being accepted is to make sure you are delivering top quality content while following all of the submission guidelines carefully. Mainly, be sure that you select the correct category when submitting your web site for consideration.Each category has specific editors, and if you submit to the wrong category, then they will often just reject your submission instead of taking the time to forward it on to the appropriate editor. Pay close attention! It is your job to find the correct category for your web site. There might also be numerous sub-categories beneath a specific category. Be sure to find the one that fits your web site to a T! That includes looking out for regional sections on a directory, which might be more effective for you and your business. The more specific you can get, the better chances you will have of getting your site accepted, as editors of web directories tend to be more eager to fill categories that have fewer listings.Are you ready to submit your site?Sure. But where should you submit it?The most popular web directory is on Yahoo. You have two options: free submission or paid. The free option is riskier and more time-consuming. Once you submit, you wait forever for a human editor to review your site, and guess what? There is no guarantee that one ever will! Although it may sound unfair, the paid option is a lot more attractive for web sites who want assurance that they will be reviewed. At $299, it does not come for cheap, but it does come with a guarantee that your site will be reviewed within 48 hours. That does not necessarily mean that it will be accepted, although statistically, it seems that these sites are accepted a lot more often, the reason being that the sites who are able to fork over that amount of cash have normally put a lot of work in to their web site – and it shows.Another important directory is LookSmart. This directory powers the search directories of such web sites as MSN, Excite, and AltaVista. Unfortunately, they do not offer free submissions. For $149, they will review your site within eight weeks. If you want it done quicker, you can choose the Express Option, which guarantees a site review within 24 hours – in exchange for $ is another popular web directory. They charge an annual listing fee of $299. is good for those who want to bring direct traffic to their web site. Then there is the Open Directory Project, or DMOZ. They provide free listings, but it often takes a while for new web sites to get listed.

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